Welcome to Petonia Lake

In beautiful upstate New York 

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Bear Alert

There have been a few bear sightings in the area this spring.  So far, the only "victims" have been a few bird feeders, but it is wise to be proactive (additional information is available from the DEC):

  • Stop feeding birds as soon as the snow melts. Birds do not need supplemental food in the -summer, when natural foods are most abundant.
  • Clean up all seed fragments and shells left over from winter feeding as the smell will attract bears.
  • Dispose of garbage as frequently as possible. Store it in clean, secure containers (top-latched, tied or chained). Sprinkle ammonia inside the garbage bag before closing. Tie off garbage bag before placing in container.
  • Keep garbage in cans inside buildings whenever possible.
  • Clean garbage cans frequently with ammonia.
  • Do not add meat scraps, bones or melon rinds to your compost pile.
  • Do not burn garbage, especially meat scraps and grease.
  • Clean barbecue grills before night fall and, after they cool down, store them inside
  • Feed pets indoors and store pet food indoors. If pets must be fed outdoors, take in all uneaten food and dishes before dark.

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